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single-family homes in Switzerland


We want to contribute to a cleaner planet by offering affordable, responsible living solutions.

Smart: stands for non-toxic material, energy positive and aligned with nature

Small:  stands for small eco footprint, small budget and efficient living


Construction of a single-family home (SFH) is often unaffordable due to costs associated with architecturally-designed, customized homes and ecological and non-toxic standards.


  • meet the new strict Swiss energy regulations (MuKEn 2014) due to the high thermal insulation values of walls (U-value of 0.15W/m2K) and windows (U-value of 0.8W/m2K), the semi-automatic pellet heating and the heat-pump water heater
  • include a powerful photovoltaic system and a smart home system for control and increased efficiency in the basic price
  • offer the electrical installation according to electrobiology criteria (e.g. shielded cables) in the basic price
  • are planned and constructed according to Vastu or a comparable architectural science for enhanced well-being
  • can be combined in a “GreenVillage” for sustainable communal living


Investment in a house


We have assembled a team of experts to rethink sustainable living in the single-family home (SFH) market.

Our SmartSmall flower represents the SSH inspired sustainable living solution, benefitting your family and the planet.

Non-Toxic Materials

SSH homes are built in strict accordance with building biology principles[1]  for the purest standards of healthy living. High-quality, sustainably-harvested wooden construction with a 15-year warranty . Only high quality, non-toxic, and breathable materials are used and the commonly used plastic shell around a house (vapor barrier and /or styrofoam insulation) has been eliminated. Our houses breathe naturally, while optimizing energy efficiency. SSH homes are built to SIA standards of a minimum 70 year useful life at the end of which they can be recycled in a more environmentally friendly way than traditional building materials.


Each home features solar energy production & wood stove heating. Over the course of a year, the house produces more energy than it needs, including powering an e-vehicle with the help of photovoltaic panels on the roof and a smart battery in the house which links to the grid for energy sharing.

Modern ecological technology also provides efficient heating and hot water. The home uses an air or water heating pellet oven for creating a cozy ambient indoor temperature and a heat pump water heater that is almost 4 times more efficient than a regular water heater. As an optional feature, the home can be equipped with an air water heat pump system. This upgraded system has the dual function of using in-floor radiant heat to warm the ambient air temperature and also heat the water for the entire home.

For those who would prefer to live off-grid, we provide a completely self-sufficient house upon request. A smart home system controls photovoltaic, battery, lights, blinds and can be custom upgraded to include a security system and sound system.

Aligned with Nature

A house becomes a home when we feel safe and well in it. Each SmartSmallHouse is designed and set into the landscape according to Vastu* design principles, building in accordance with the laws of nature. This timeless architectural science for thriving dwellings ensures that your SmartSmallHouse is a home in which you will feel uplifted and inspired.

* Vastu texts of ancient India are the source of Feng Shui and the foundation of modern European architecture, which can be seen in the design principles of Roman builder Marcus Vitruvius. With the help of the Vastu texts we go to the source of European design principles to create residential spaces both appealing and contributing to a feeling of wellbeing.

Small Footprint

A SmartSmallHouse has a compact footprint, so it fits easily into a congested urban environment or responsibly into a natural landscape. This makes for socially and environmentally responsible living.

Small Budget

When compared to other single family homes, the total cost of a SSH is relatively small, due to its size, cost-efficient construction, and minimal requirement for land use and thus fit smaller budgets. Downsizing your living space with a SSH frees up capital and reduces annual home living and maintenance costs to give you more freedom to do the things you love.

Efficient Living

Small living requires thoughtfulness. We think of it as a design-storage-space concept. Space utilization is optimized by intelligent storage inside the double walls at the south and north which are generously equipped with fitted cabinets, elsewhere there are fold-out tables and beds. Pipes, equipment and connections are stored inside the timber walls and easy reachable.

A wise solution to a challenging task

We are convinced that your dream home can and should be implemented without compromise. That’s why we brought together a team of experts and creative minds to the table.
Our singular focus: re-think dwelling.
The result: SmartSmallHouse, inspired sustainable living.

House Types

The SmartSmallHouse (SSH) is constructed primarily of sustainably harvested, non-toxic wood.

Externally, it resembles a typical wooden house, while inside, the spruce wood paneling, thoughtful layout and efficient built-in storage appeals to those enjoying sustainable, aesthetic, modern living.

The house is available in 3 sizes:

TinyGreen (1.5 rooms)

28m²  1–2

Living area: 28 (297 SF), no enclosed rooms. Ideal occupancy: 1–2 people.

TinyGreen Gallery

SmallGreen (3.5 rooms)

 80m²  1–3

Living area: 80 (856 SF), no enclosed rooms. Ideal occupancy: 1–3 people.

SmallGreen Gallery

MediumGreen (4.5 rooms)

130m²  2–4

Living area: 130 (1407 SF), two to four enclosed rooms. Ideal occupancy: 2–4 people.

MediumGreen Gallery

The Small and MediumGreen houses feature a more open design, with a look-down gallery on the second floor and a usable attic.

In each of the three sizes, the precise dimensions of the floorplan and perimeter are given by Vastu rules. These are special measures that influence us positively. All additional dimensions of the home follow the Vastu proportions as closely as possible.

All three houses are so designed that they don’t need an expensive basement.

Filled with natural light, the larger number of windows are located in the east and west, the source of the most daylight.

On the north and south sides, the house is enclosed by a double wall, allowing for built-in storage cabinets. There is also the possibility, to have fold-down beds installed in the north or south wall, to further maximize the use of space.

There are also elements that break through these double walls to further capitalize on space efficiency. The stairs are embedded in the double wall and create a cavity. The downstairs water closet and upstairs bathroom protrude from the double wall.

In some places, the double wall features window niches, creating deep recesses for sitting or decorations.

Each home is built according to exacting Swiss standards.

Beautiful, space-efficient and energy-efficient, a SmartSmallHouse is your dream home, realized.


For individuals or developers looking to create a community of like-minded residents, the installation of SmartSmallHouses can be optimized if several can be built together in a planned GreenVillage. This can lower the price for the entire infrastructure and make central installation of facilities possible. The houses could also be built as row-houses to save land space.

Building a SmallGreen in 12 Days

Service Packages for Individual Projects initiated by Clients

  • Analysis and evaluation of up to 3 eligible properties according to Vastu (each additional property CHF 150)
  • Feasibility study (examination of utilization, building height, required distances to property lines and other buildings, etc.) for a selected plot
  • Gross project cost estimation
  • Travel expenses, if needed, will be charged separately
  • Consulting of possible optimization according to Vastu for the selected property
  • Determining the ideal placement of the building on the plot
  • Orientation of the building to cardinal directions, considering declination and declivity
  • Special consideration of exterior elements: well, ponds, rain catchments, animals, etc.
  • Designing a Vastu energy wall or Vastu energy fence (compound wall)
  • Placement of water, electricity, sewage, etc.
  • Placement of access road and garage
  • Building permission application
  • Complete Vastu-specific accompaniment of the project. Travel expenses will be charged separately
  • Construction supervision considering the Vastu principles
  • Calculating auspicious periods for groundbreaking, foundation stone laying, door placement and moving in
  • Conducting all Vastu ceremonies: groundbreaking, foundation stone laying, door placement and moving in
  • Ceremonial articles such as gem plate (2 pieces each CHF 500) and engraved foundation stones (5 pieces each CHF 70)
  • Verify the batter boards with string before any important construction activity
  • Verify whether the foundation is aligned to the geographic north
  • During the course of the construction, several verifications that the measures are maintained according to the agreed tolerances
  • Complete Vastu-specific accompaniment of the construction phase including all site visits. Travel expenses will be charged separately
  • Consulting regarding fixed installations
  • Consulting regarding furnishing
  • Consulting regarding lighting
  • Consulting regarding plants in the interior
  • Color consulting from a color psychology, building biology and Vastu perspective
  • Complete Vastu-specific accompaniment of the interior design project. Travel expenses will be charged separately
  • Including ready-made concept for the decorator and painter
  • Consulting regarding trees and plants on the property
  • Consulting regarding terrace and shading
  • Consulting regarding the placement of garden furniture
  • Consulting regarding placement of decorative objects
  • Consulting regarding lighting
  • Complete Vastu-specific accompaniment of the garden design project including all site visits. Travel expenses will be charged separately
  • Including ready-made concept for the gardener

Let us help you make your sustainable dream home a reality.


Marc Lüllmann, CEO & Co-Founder

Michael Meyer, Chairman & Co-Founder

Karem Albash, CCO & Leiter HRM

Inspired sustainable living. Join the SmartSmall movement!


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High-quality, non-toxic timber construction for healthy living

Energy-positive house featuring solar energy & wood stove

Aligned with nature & human nature with the help of Vastu design

Small Footprint for socially and environmentally responsible living

Small Budget in order to make these houses attractively economical

Design-storage-space concept for efficient living

Outstanding value for a premier single-family home

Our Commitment at SmartSmallHouse

We are convinced that we can do our part to ensure that our children and the earth as a whole have a bright healthy future when we live responsibly. It is our commitment to never compromise in the areas of environmental stewardship, energy efficiency and non-toxic living.

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